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Shanghai Bangda Longfei Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Is a modern logistics concept operation, for the world's top 500 and domestic well-known large enterprises to provide integrated logistics services AAAA-level logistics enterprises. The company has five major areas in East China, South China, North China, Central China and Southwest China, engaged in warehousing, city distribution, international, cold chain, dangerous chemical and large-scale transportation business, and carries out business circle distribution and supermarket distribution in many cities.

The company always adheres to the goal of exceeding customer expectations, and fully meets the diverse needs of customers through standardized services, transparent in-transit scenarios, flat capacity channels and professional product package design. The company owns the e-commerce service platform of "Kitchen Butler" of Zhuzhu Network Technology Company, Fulong Dangerous Goods Logistics Company and Bangda Longfei Supply Chain Company, providing customers with integrated supply chain solutions.