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School-Enterprise Cooperation
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  B-LINK GROUP Enterprise Management School and Education Group of Shanghai Communications Polytechnic jointly developed a number of training programs for trainees in 2009 by school-enterprise strategic cooperation.
  In 2016, in accordance with the development trend of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the B-LINK Supply Chain Company located in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone was taken as the coordinate to launch "learning experience day course", and carry out "post following, post taking" and other teaching and training courses. In 2017, under "The Belt and Road Initiative", the ever-changing development of logistics enterprises promoted vocational colleges to diligently carry out discussions and practice in various aspects such as facilitating vocational education and setting up vocational training room for teaching and research.
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Introduction of enterprise lecturer

  The 15-year experience in the logistics field, and more than 8-year experience in logistics enterprise operation team management. Familiar with ISO management process of logistics enterprises, and proficient in highway warehousing management. National first-class logistician.

  The16-year experience in the logistics field, and more than 10-year experience in logistics system planning of the communication product industry with the emphasizes on supply chain system management. Qualified with research and knowledge on comprehensive supply. A professional training lecturer in logistics management at many universities in Guangdong Province and a third-level lecturer in The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Former company: Tianyin Holdings, China Post.

  The 20-year experience of 3PL logistics in the Fortune Global 500 and 5-year project management and team management in large listed private enterprises. Familiar with sea and air business, import and export, and overseas agency business; Involved in bonded area business development, international business project management and other business blocks; the high-quality professional manager in the B-LINK team.  

  For more than 12 years in the logistics industry, he has served Party A and large listed logistics companies of the third parties. Senior logistics engineer and logistics professional manager. Has rich experience in transportation and management, and is familiar with electronic products, spare parts, fast consumer goods, and e-commerce logistics.

  Graduate from the Department of Chemistry of Tongji University, a prestigious university in Shanghai; more than 12-year experience in dangerous goods logistics industry, with service of the project operation and management in chemical enterprises of the Fortune Global 500 for many years. IMDG (Dangerous Goods Operation Certificate), and intermediate logistician.

  Since joining B-LINK in 2012, she has grown from a data worker to a customer service supervisor in 4 years. She believes that a good service team should be the lubricant between the Company and its customers; A good logistics company should make all the employees serve as customer service staff!

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       The enterprise training of B-LINK mainly focuses on improving the quality of employees and job skills, in order to provide a steady stream of talent reserves for the construction of B-LINK talent team. The enterprise can encourage employees to improve their job skills and work performance, and promote the improvement of corporate talent advantages by training. The core job training, for example, refers to tailor-made training programs in combination with the actual cases of enterprises for current main jobs and core personnel to maximize the development potential of the trainees, and to strengthen the overall employment quality and job skills of the trainees, providing a fast channel for smooth promotion and rotation learning for employees.

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