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Wind Power Transportation
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Customer pain spot
▷  Large cargos have ultra-long, ultra-wide, ultra-high, overweight and indivisible components. In the industry, there is a lack of professional transportation teams, supporting transportation guarantee schemes and transportation resources. The situation of goods in transit is unknown, and the transportation cycle cannot be guaranteed, resulting to the high accident rate.
Our advantages
  Our company has professional transportation fleet, abundant and specialized hoisting resources, qualified qualification for large cargo service, and full-time management team (including professional road surveying specialist, obstacle removal specialist, hoisting and binding specialist, and packaging supporting resources). According to the customer's needs, a safe and reliable service guarantee scheme and contingency measures are designed, and the independently developed management software "Zhuzhu Youka" is adopted to realize all-round tracking management ranging from vehicle allocation, loading, transportation and distribution to ensure the service quality for customers.
Industry customers
  The world's No.1 manufacturer of wind power generation equipment.