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Zhuzhu Youka
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Zhuzhu Youka is a new generation of cloud platform for logistics and transportation management.

Whole-course Positioning
▷ Carry out the positioning during the whole course and generate accurate transportation track. The system can obtain the real time, address and photos of each logistics node to provide accurate logistics KPI.
WeChat Promotion
▷ Push the logistics dynamics through WeChat in real time, and set the role of those paying attention to the order dynamics as the order follower. Those who follow the WeChat official account of Zhuzhu Youka can grasp the logistics dynamics and abnormal events of the order with ease.
Electronic Fence
▷ The driver can prevent the cross-shipment by the electronic fence technology, and when the system recognizes that the driver has entered the designated delivery area, it will automatically push a message to inform the consignee to be ready for the good receiving.
Online Signing
▷ Through the technology of electronic signature, online signing with drivers is realized to generate an electronic contract, which is convenient and fast, and saves the trouble of the paper contract.  
Online Payment
▷ The system integrates WeChat Pay, oil card payment and bank transfer to realize online settlement with drivers and shorten the process of freight settlement.