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Inspire the potential, work together for a win-win situation | South China's 2016 training successfully ended
"Inspiring potential | Win-win together” national theme activity month. Since its official launch in June, partners in each district have successively demonstrated their style. On July 17, we ushered in the final stop of this theme activity—South China. Let ’s take a look at the wonderful performance of the South China partners who made their debut!
The first half of 2016 working conference will be held
The first half of 2016 work conference will be held at the Shanghai headquarters from July 29 to 31. The theme of this conference is "focus, professionalism, growth". General Manager Yan Peng will release the outline of the B-LINK plan for the next 5 years.
We start with the end and stand in the future to see the present | and the first half of 2016 work conference
The first half of the 2016 B-LINK work conference ended successfully on July 31st in Shanghai headquarters! General Manager Yan Peng's inspiring "Five-Year Development Outline" strategic blueprint is now in sight!
My profession I share (Issue 5) | Improve customer loyalty-outstanding customer service
The column "My profession, I share" is planned by the heads of the B-LINK project teams!The discussion content directly hits the current hot topics in the field of logistics, analyzes industry problems & customer pain points from a professional perspective, triggers thinking, and welcomes you!
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