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B-LINK School-enterprise cooperation | Phased training activities, students "play" high

B-LINK School-enterprise cooperation | Phased training activities, students "play" high

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First of all, Manager D of the International Department led us to visit the warehouse of the bonded zone. With curiosity and excitement, everyone carefully listened to the explanation of Manager D about the bonded zone and the advantages of the service of our company's bonded zone. A lot of learning experience!
After the visit, we entered the exciting sandbox simulation pre-training. After the teacher's explanation, the students quickly did their own hands and carried out sandbox exercises. During this period, some students "endorsed" the purchasing department, some students "endorsed" the warehousing department, as well as the finance department, the marketing department, and the students all performed their duties, cooperated with each other, and collaborated tacitly. profit! There was a small mistake in the 14th week budget. The purchasing department exceeded the budget during the previous week's procurement, and the finance department game over (the end of the game) without prior warning. The students were unwilling to re-confidence and conducted the second practical operation. With the second opportunity, the students seized the opportunity, aimed at the market, estimated in advance, and decisively shot. Realize the return on profit in the 5th week within the prescribed time! Applause broke out at the scene!
After this rehearsal, the students are also full of confidence and look forward to the PK match in late November; I also wish everyone good results in the November match!
Learning experience
In this logistics sandbox training, I learned that in a team, we must unite and cooperate, strengthen communication, and transfer timely information to other departments, so that the entire team can deliver the maximum benefits and recognize what can be done at the same time. What should we do to achieve our own job, but not to interfere too much in other departments, let us be a team with clear bones and flesh and blood.
——Wang Xuan
The coordination of various departments is the foundation of the company's operation. The transmission of information is particularly important. Timely and accurate communication can more sensitively grasp the market and adjust the direction of development. Therefore, we must strengthen the usual communication.
-Jiang Zongxi
In this sandbox training, I understand that in the development process of a company (or enterprise), the coordination and cooperation of the departments, communication and cooperation are very important. Just like the operation of a large machine, it depends on the perfect cooperation of various parts In order to operate successfully. Therefore, everyone, whether it is a department or a group, must uphold the same goal and work hard to achieve the best results.
-Yang Chen
In this sandbox training, I learned the importance of teamwork, and every decision of the manager is related to the company's prospects, and how the finance department's budget must be planned to make the company profitable. Since I didn't pay attention to the budget aspect at the time, I made the first simulated operation bankruptcy, and the second time I paid attention to the communication between the budget and other departments, and it quickly became profitable, so teamwork is very important.
-Pan Mingyan
Profit is an enterprise's goal, and achieving this goal requires close cooperation between various departments of the company, and information exchange is even more important. Only by strengthening communication and collaboration between various departments can we guarantee the unit's high-efficiency operation and achieve various mission goals.
——Wan Wenbiao