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My profession I share (Issue 5) | Improve customer loyalty-outstanding customer service

My profession I share (Issue 5) | Improve customer loyalty-outstanding customer service

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The column "My profession, I share" is planned by the heads of the B-LINK project teams!
The discussion content directly hits the current hot topics in the field of logistics, analyzes industry problems & customer pain points from a professional perspective, triggers thinking, and welcomes you!
Contributor to this issue: Amy Wang
B-LINK Hefei Branch Project Manager
Character introduction
8 years of third-party logistics customer service experience, managed and served multiple project customers, customer satisfaction reached 95 points or more, and the churn rate was zero. Joining the B-LINK team in mid-May this year, she believes that the key to improving customer loyalty is to create value for customers with outstanding service and achieve a win-win situation.
Increase customer loyalty-outstanding customer service
Understanding the connotation of sales service from a new perspective, distinguishing the intangible and tangible aspects of service, the best customer service strategy is our common mission. Because of professional or business needs, the act of completing work for others or assisting others to benefit others is called service. The essence of our service is to be customer-centric, satisfaction is outdated, excellence is the goal, everyone is providing services, and excellent service brings key competitive advantages. Training and supporting those front-line employees who provide services to customers, the job satisfaction of employees will come from the ability to provide services to customers.
How to improve outstanding customer service?
1. Listening to understand customer needs, meet or exceed customer expectations, thereby greatly improving customer development and retention.
2. To seek and maintain "correct" customers through special services, and to maintain customer loyalty by delivering optimized services over and over through continuous improvement of systems and processes.
3. Fix mistakes to retain customers and respond quickly to correct problems in the service; track and analyze these problems to prevent them from happening again.
4. According to the specific logistics needs of each customer, formulate and improve solutions to create value, and win loyalty by increasing the value of each customer.
5. Deepen the relationship with maintaining customers, transform the standardized logistics service model into a process of providing personalized logistics solutions; understand the pain points of customers to help customers solve problems, and outstanding personalized service is to create a close and lasting relationship between us and customers The basics.
Thanks Amy for sharing! B-LINK's eternal mission and goal is to continuously improve service levels and provide customers with the best solutions! The support and trust of customers from all walks of life, we only return with the highest quality service!