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We start with the end and stand in the future to see the present | and the first half of 2016 work conference

We start with the end and stand in the future to see the present | and the first half of 2016 work conference

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The first half of the 2016 B-LINK work conference ended successfully on July 31st in Shanghai headquarters! General Manager Yan Peng's inspiring "Five-Year Development Outline" strategic blueprint is now in sight!
Conference theme: focus, professionalism, growth
We will pay more attention to the development and design of the upcoming industry series product package projects and provide customers with more professional services!
We will pay more attention to the growth of each member of the talent team and train more expert project managers!
Focus on locking to build B-LINK core competitiveness more accurately!
Brainstorming-Problem Solving training
Under the trend of logistics socialization in the era of e-commerce 2B, Internet data has changed the logistics industry, and the environment “Belt and Road” has brought about innovation and new value drivers. After the release of a new round of "Development Outline", we are about to launch the release of product packages in the industry sector, segmented by industry sector, focus on B-LINK core competitiveness, and will further enhance customer experience.
Special knowledge-in the training of "Financial Knowledge for Non-financial Managers"
Brainstorming-in the "industry product package" training
After 2 days of training and brainstorming, the brain's combat power is impacted, and the wisdom of the team is the greatest wisdom!
In the B-LINK concept, we continue to grow and strive to provide customers with more perfect solutions!
Under the transformation of B-LINK, we are forging ahead and never fail!
In 2016, we start with the end, and for the more exciting future of B-LINK, We ’re on the road!