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Inspire the potential, work together for a win-win situation | South China's 2016 training successfully ended

Inspire the potential, work together for a win-win situation | South China's 2016 training successfully ended

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“Inspiring potential | Win-win together” national theme activity month. Since its official launch in June, partners in each district have successively demonstrated their style. On July 17, we ushered in the final stop of this theme activity—South China. Let ’s take a look at the wonderful performance of the South China partners who made their debut!
On July 17, 2016, the sun was burning, and the South China team's "Excite Potential, Work Together for Win-Win" expansion training held in Lianhua Mountain, Dongguan, was also in full swing.
Let ’s praise the beauty aloud, warm up, we enjoyed it with the smile and praise of our companions:
Everyone shook hands, patted their shoulders, and said to each other affectionately: You are the most attractive person in my heart!
The ice-breaking session announced the birth of the "Eagle" and "Ocean". Under the leadership of Zhang and Peng teams, they showed the charm of the team. The slogans of "Eagle Eagle, Achievement of Elite" and "Ocean and Ocean, Bonda Set sail" resounded through the valley! The Eagles charm show was a little behind, and the team's courage to infect us, we vowed to do our best to win the next victory!
Take the world by storm
Set out for change, made for change. "Ranking the World", countless adjustments, countless changes, let us challenge the impossible!
Thinking and comprehension after the game is the most important: unity of action, absolute execution, we are a whole, and never give up any partner!
60 seconds
Effective organization and active participation represent everything. "Quick 60 Seconds" is a real test of everyone's team spirit. 30 unknown pictures, 1 minute to look at the picture, identify the picture, think and identify the time. Fortunately, there is an effective organization by the captain Active participation, the Eagles successfully completed the task after three rounds of attempts.
The happy and fulfilling time always passes very fast. Expansion is coming to an end in our passionate and inexhaustible state. For the greater challenge and in order to better exercise ourselves, we strongly request to increase the difficulty. After this work, a new job is added: climbing the whole team together, and taking photos with the most attractive people:
Congratulations to the success of the extension training of the partners in South China! In 2016, the theme activity of “Inspiring Potential, Win-Win Together” for talent team construction has come to a successful conclusion. Thanks to all partners for their active participation! We will keep in mind the insights gained during the event, stimulate self-potential, and continue to strengthen ourselves to win the future together!