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[Company news] B- LINK | Let's walk into the wind power transportation project together

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Release time:2021-07-02 11:54

Since our company successfully entered the comprehensive transportation service of wind power generation equipment in 2018, with professional transportation fleet, rich hoisting resources and full-time management team, we have designed safe and reliable service guarantee schemes and emergency measures to provide all-round tracking management services for vehicle allocation, loading, transportation and distribution for wind power generation equipment enterprises, so as to achieve high-standard and high-quality service requirements of customers and exceed customer expectations!

Please follow in the footsteps of Xiaobian, walk into the Bangdarongfei wind power transportation project, feel the "heavy lifting" of the wind power heavy equipment in the Bangdarongfei transportation project team, and feel the elegant demeanour of our front-line employees in the wind power transportation project together!