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[Corporate Culture] B- LINK | Peak season operations, epidemic prevention and control do not relax!

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Release time:2021-11-10 14:08

As the year is approaching, with the advent of the peak season of PVM project, the temporary warehouse for the new year was officially launched on November 4. At this time, in the face of the complex and severe new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Chongqing branch in the strict implementation of prevention and control measures under the premise of one hand to grasp the epidemic prevention and control, one hand to grasp the peak season operations, and time race, resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control war.

-- Report from Chongqing Branch

Implementation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control measures, all staff wearing masks, daily time-to-time body temperature measurement and registration, office areas and warehouse areas for disinfection and killing and make detailed records; for pick-up drivers layer by layer screening, inspection and then give loading operations.

The interests of customers are more important than Mount Tai. In order to alleviate the pressure of the backlog of customers' container terminals, B- LINK actively respond to customers' demand for additional warehouses and open the start-up operation of temporary warehouses as quickly as possible. As an excellent logistics service provider, B- LINK do a good job of epidemic prevention and control at the same time, to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the operation.

Xiao Bian: Don't relax your homework in peak season, do a good job in personal protection, and protect yourself!