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[company news] warm congratulations | Fulong logistics shareholders meeting held smoothly!

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Release time:2021-12-20 14:13

On December 17, the shareholders' meeting of B- LINK Fulong Logistics was successfully held. Representatives of Fulong shareholders and senior executives of the company's headquarters attended the meeting and awarded Fulong shareholders the "Meritorious Partner" trophy and special contribution bonus and took a group photo.

The year of share reform of Fulong Logistics is a year of struggle and a year of hard work. Fulong completed the goal of share reform ahead of schedule and achieved excellent results! At the summary meeting, Yan always gave the Fulong team a high degree of affirmation, and Zou dong gave the Fulong team a "meritorious partner" trophy. At the same time, Mr. Fulong specially proposed to thank the front-line employees for their joint efforts and hard work and sweat.

The team worked together and made remarkable achievements. In this inspirational year, Fulong's experience and achievements have far-reaching significance and value!

Xiao Bian: Long Fei, who has the courage to take on the responsibility, is not afraid of challenges and goes forward bravely. Once again, I would like to congratulate the Fulong team for its excellent results!