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[Company News] B- LINK | Let's Walk into Shanghai Distribution Center

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Release time:2022-02-25 14:35

Bondlongfei is located in Shanghai Songjiang bonded logistics warehouse, using modern digital tools management, can be used for fast consumer goods, auto parts and other goods of long-term and short-term storage, distribution and delivery.

B- Link's Shanghai Bangdarongfei Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is located in Songjiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. It always adheres to the concept that the interests of customers are more important than Mount Tai, and provides customers with professional supply chain solutions.

Bangdarongfei Supply Chain Shanghai Distribution Center has 20,000 square meters of bonded warehouses in Songjiang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone and Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, 15,000 square meters of three-dimensional warehouses, about 5,000 square meters of flat warehouses, and an average monthly throughput of 20000 cubic meters. It can meet the same warehouse operation of bonded and non-bonded goods for all kinds of customers. The advanced warehouse management system effectively guarantees the accuracy of inventory and operation, and provides customers with a variety of in-library value-added services, including labeling, packaging, sorting, inspection, and the provision of special services for commodity inspection of toy goods, food goods, etc., greatly shortening the time for customers to import customs clearance.

Today, let's visit the site of Songjiang warehousing and distribution center and feel the elegant demeanour of our warehousing and distribution employees together!