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[Company News] Responsibility for Safety in Production | Fire Safety Exercise of Shanghai Distribution Center in Bangdarongfei Supply Chain

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Release time:2022-03-04 14:50

In order to further enhance the staff's awareness of fire safety and fire prevention, and enhance their ability to deal with emergencies; on February 28, manager Xu of the project department organized all staff to carry out fire drills at the Shanghai distribution center of bondaronfei supply chain.

In this fire safety knowledge training, Manager Xu combined with a number of typical cases to explain to everyone the development process of fire, emergency treatment methods for fire, and safety knowledge such as escape and self-rescue.

Immediately after the training, fire simulation drills will be carried out. When manager Xu issued the evacuation instruction for all employees, all employees responded quickly, evacuated in an orderly and rapid manner, and arrived at the designated safe place. Cai in charge organized a team to count the number of people.

After that, manager Xu led everyone to carry out fire fighting drills. he explained the use method, scope of application, common fire types and fire fighting methods of fire extinguishers on the spot, demonstrated the correct use method of fire extinguishers, and guided the company's employees to carry out practical drills.

Through this fire drill, employees strengthened their understanding of fire safety knowledge, actually operated the use of fire-fighting equipment, and the simulation drill effectively improved the ability of self-rescue and mutual rescue in response to sudden fires, effectively ensuring safe production and distribution needs. Let safety is not a slogan, but our bounden responsibility!