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[Company News] B- LINK | "Shen" keeps "Shanghai" and Bangdalongfei is in action!

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Release time:2022-05-07 15:20

During April, since accepting the arduous task of carrying out guaranteed transportation, our project team has responded quickly and charged ahead, and under the premise of strictly implementing the requirements of various epidemic prevention policies, we have safely and efficiently transported materials to the front line of anti-epidemic.

Bondaron flies, mission must reach!

At the unloading site, work closely with volunteers to form an orderly assembly line. The unloading of materials and the transfer of materials inside and outside the carriage are orderly, only to complete the unloading faster and deliver the materials to the designated area. They used their simple strength to build walls to fight the epidemic, demonstrating their responsibility and responsibility. Carrier guarantee-the mission and responsibility of logistics personnel, Bangdarong feiyong shoulder heavy burden, we guard "Shanghai" together "!