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[Company News] B- LINK | 2022 Work Conference Successfully Held

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Release time:2023-02-05 10:50




Keep the love going to the mountains and seas

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2022 is an extraordinary year. In this year, under the leadership of the company, all employees have taken practical actions to practice the corporate culture of "courage to take responsibility, pragmatic innovation, and win with the same desires", and unite their efforts. Fighting side by side in their respective positions has refreshed the company's new performance! The memories of our struggle in 2022 are worth remembering!

On February 3-4, the 2022 annual work conference of bondarongfei was successfully held.

This meeting was gathered in Xiamen. At the meeting, multiple dimensions such as current industry trends, enterprise development status, and business conditions of various organizations were reviewed and discussed; at the same time, brainstorming was carried out around key work issues to contribute to the company's future strategy.

Spring, all things recovery, full of vitality! Start of Spring, we are facing higher goals and more challenges. The Bondarong Flyers continue to work hand in hand, ride the wind and waves, forge ahead, and fight 2023 again!