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Wind power industry logistics, opportunities and challenges coexist

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Release time:2023-02-24 09:36

The transportation of wind power generation equipment needs to comprehensively consider various factors such as road conditions, routes, vehicle selection, etc. Shanghai Bangdarongfei, with professional transportation capacity of over-limit equipment, has its own heavy traction vehicles and escort team, and can carry out projects such as wind blade length transportation and mountain transportation.








Wind Power Industry Overview






Energy issues have gradually attracted more and more attention in the world. As one of the types of renewable energy with great development potential, wind power has shown a rapid development momentum in the past 15 years due to its low power generation cost and short construction period.

Under the incentive of the government's double preferential (price preference and tax preference) policy, China's wind power industry has officially entered the third development cycle during the 13th Five Year Plan period: 3MW wind turbine has become the main force. By the end of 2021, China has ranked first in the world in terms of new installed capacity and cumulative installed capacity.










Risk factors of wind power equipment transportation



At present, there are two categories of mainstream wind farm location: onshore wind power and offshore wind power. In view of the long and overweight characteristics of wind power generation equipment, logistics transportation has become an insurmountable problem in the process of construction project promotion.





There are many risk factors hidden in the seemingly clear process from the production base to the project location, storage, transfer up the mountain, and completion of lifting:

-Selection of transportation routes-How to reasonably plan transportation routes and make full use of our country's road resources, while considering high cost performance, we must also take into account timeliness and safety.

-The choice of transportation vehicles-load, counterweight, special modification, lifting connection and transportation coordination will determine the professionalism of the overall transportation service.

-Road carrying capacity and passability-The characteristics of roads in mountainous and hilly areas are unknown, and preliminary road survey becomes particularly important. Only by ensuring that all possible risks are eliminated can logistics and transportation be successfully delivered.

-Timeliness of transportation and loading-The core of comprehensive logistics service project management is flexible, efficient, reasonable arrangement of vehicles and transportation plans, and ensuring that all construction links are closely connected and the process is smooth.






Comprehensive transportation service capacity of the company



As a well-known enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the logistics industry for nearly 20 years, Shanghai Bangdarongfei Logistics Co., Ltd. has begun to lay out the logistics service layout of the wind power industry in 2016: strengthen the professional knowledge training of the operation team; Purchase special transport vehicles for wind power equipment; Improve the wind power transportation guarantee insurance system; And set up a branch of wind power project business. Officially become a well-known Danish wind power manufacturing enterprises in the project development of logistics partners. Has completed a number of mountain land wind field equipment transportation and lifting projects.




Through the polishing of actual transportation operations, we have also gained valuable project implementation experience and formed five major service capabilities: professional road survey report/obstacle removal and technical transformation service/national vehicle allocation/local project supervision/controllable and adjustable progress.





The bidding volume of wind power in 2022 is far higher than expected, which also means that the number of new wind farms to be delivered in 2023 will increase across layers. As an important role in wind power projects, logistics enterprises are also facing more professional, more efficient and more comprehensive challenges, but at the same time, it is bound to usher in unprecedented development opportunities!