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WMS TMS Digital Management Tool Makes Logistics Smarter"

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Release time:2023-03-21 16:33

The digitization degree of modern warehouse management has been continuously improved, and the application of WMS and TMS has gradually become popular. What role have WMS and TMS played in management.




In the research process of "smart logistics", we often mention some abstract nouns such as "digitalization", informatization and "intelligence". What role do these words play in the actual goods circulation scene?Based on modern network communication capabilities, with the help of various management software to help enterprises more intuitive understanding of logistics efficiency, and provide reliable data can be used for business strategic planning.







The software usually involved in the enterprise



MRP material requirement planning; ERP enterprise resource planning; OMS order management system;

From the purchase of raw materials, parts and finished products in the production process to the market circulation, through efficient and collaborative software for synchronous management, managers can intuitively understand the implementation of the production plan and supervise the production of finished products.






Software involved in logistics operation



The offline scenarios that goods rely on from production to market-warehouse and distribution-rely on the following two software to achieve:

WMS warehouse management system; TMS transportation management system;

Each enterprise needs different storage scale, import and export frequency is not the same, the flow of raw materials and finished products are not the same. In order to achieve more precise management objectives, the application of WMS TMS is particularly important. Generally speaking, it is to make every goods in and out of the warehouse have traces to follow, and constantly improve the operation efficiency and reduce the logistics cost.






WMS TMS operational engagement schematic:





* WMS Management of Bondarongfei Logistics Distribution Center




* Pillar Uka

Zhuzhu Youka is an open transportation management platform independently developed by Bondarongfei Logistics. Its birth is also based on our attempt to digital management. Zhuzhu makes our logistics transportation process more visual, and also improves the efficiency of vehicle management and the convenience of risk control.



* Column TMS1.0 version

Functional features:

-Use the Internet of Things technology to locate the trajectory of vehicles and goods.

-Information collaboration, more efficient link shippers, drivers, consignees.

-Digital signing and payment make our management mode more professional.

The growth of the pillar also reflects Bondlongfei's pursuit of enterprise services: "a more excellent logistics service provider", looking forward to constantly updating the iterative pillar, so that Bondlongfei can better and more intelligently solve the changing needs of customers pain points.